Play Safe Testimonials

Sports Thread provides an excellent instant and accurate age verification service,”said Joshua Borne, Managing Director of Pylon, the Orlando, Florida-based pioneering organizer of 7on7 football tournaments nationwide and an early adopter of the Sports Thread Play Safe system. “Pylon has had its best year ever since moving its software support to Sports Thread.”

Joshua Borne- Managing Director of Pylon

Sports Thread’s automated age verification and packet creation saved my organization countless hours of putting together team booklets to verify players’ ages before and during games. In addition, the ability to re-market playoff tickets to parents using their CRM system increased ticket sales and cut down waiting time at the gate. I look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

Mo Evan’s – Greater Charlotte American Youth Football

“Sports Thread, with its leading edge technology, has helped greatly transition our youth football division to the next level in player certification.”

Ace Carney – Prospects by Sports Illustrated Executive Director 

Used Sports Thread to send out a single team attribution link which made her life easier when tracking players’ status during age verification and roster management. 

Coach, Highest Level Academy

“We have chosen to use Sports Thread because of our commitment to provide events with the highest level of integrity and cutting edge technology.” SoCal Aces will utilize all of Sports Thread’s features and functionality for its digital support in hosting events.

Prince Cassell, the founder of SoCal Aces

Sports Thread Testimonials

“The athletes on Sports Thread recognize the need to raise their profile online in the absence of live sporting events, likewise, college coaches see the need for connecting digitally with players that fit their program’s needs. Sports Thread’s social network is disrupting the recruiting industry by enabling these connections through more advanced software, bigger scale, and far easier usability at an unbeatable price point — free.”

Sean Leary – Founder and CEO, Sports Thread

“Sports Thread levels the playing field for all amateur athletes across the country by enabling them to showcase their skills and communicate directly with fellow players, coaches, parents and fans, regardless of socioeconomic status, location or COVID effects on their playing seasons,” said Roger Craig, three-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers.

Roger Craig – 3X Super Bowl Champ with the San Francisco 49ers

“I really enjoyed using this app. Our staff has been able to offer scholarships to student-athletes off of the app. It’s easy to maneuver through. I’d encourage other coaches to use this app for recruiting as well. One stop shopping!”

NCAA Head Football Coach

“I used the email templates, that Sports Thread provides to its athletes,  to reach out to multiple coaches, and I was able to get an offer.”

J Coons – Sports Thread Athlete


“With most high school sports programs curtailed or shut down completely because of COVID-19, more college coaches and scouts than ever are connecting with potential recruits online. Athletes that have a robust online presence using sports-specific social networks such as Sports Thread are much more likely to attract the attention of and connect with college coaches nationwide.”

Tyrone Willingham – Former Head Coach, Stanford University, University of Notre Dame, University of Washington

“Sports Thread opens a whole new set of opportunities for high school athletes. They can really put themselves on the radar screen of college coaches nationwide and begin to establish relationships with those coaches early in their high school years.”

Derrick Martin – Two-time Super Bowl Champion, High School Football Coach, Sports Thread Channel Partner

“The social networking community this athletic platform provides is uplifting and allows connections for it’s users that would be otherwise unlikely. It has been a real pleasure being part of the Sports Thread experience! As a coach and a parent of 4 busy kids, I appreciate being able to have an affordable, all-inclusive, user-friendly option for our athletes to highlight their talents and effectively pursue the sport they love!.”

Aaron Miles – Club Coach

“As a football and softball coach I have watched this app create hope, information and access for my athletes to pursue their dreams of college both on the field and in the classroom to be life-changing. Where once a student-athlete had to count on being seen, coaches or expensive services that may be out of the family reach to get an opportunity to move forward now it’s at their fingertips. With just a few minutes of time, the athlete can find the key to unlocking their potential and achieving their aspirations. This app is fun, validating and course changing for those that apply it to their goals”

Garrett Cooke – High School Coach

“I was lucky to play for two D1 baseball programs because getting recruited wasn’t easy.  I scraped together highlight tapes, stressed over emails to coaches, and called hundreds of people before I landed at UNLV and ultimately Pepperdine.  Sports Thread is going to open the door for so many athletes because it is a one-stop platform to get recruited.  I think of Sports Thread as LinkedIn for high school athletes, and I also think it’s going to change the game”

Jared Lee – Former D1 Baseball Player (UNLV and Pepperdine)


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