Play Safe Certified Events

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Quick to learn and even easier to use: see below how Sports Thread’s customer-first platform is built with your events, coaches, athletes, and parents in mind.

It starts with a “Team Link”

Every team participating in a Play Safe event receives a personalized team link for players to become age verified and added to their team’s roster for an upcoming event.

User type is selected

Athletes or their parents can then select which Sports Thread account to create. Parents or the athletes themselves can then verify their athlete’s age, and have a Sports Thread account to receive important event notifications like game time changes and more.

The athlete’s age is verified

The athlete is then automatically verified using proprietary technology, which runs more than a dozen checks to authenticate a birth certificate or government ID (including Driver’s License, Permit, Visa Residence Card, Passport, or Passport Card).

The team roster is updated

Each team’s roster is updated instantly upon each athlete’s successful age verification, giving the coaches the ability to manage their team roster, and allow for a speedy check-in on game day

Real-time event information

All coaches, athletes, and parents can then find their game schedules, locations, scores, and more right from the Sports Thread app, including instant notifications for important event information.

Live event recruiting

College coaches attending a tournament can track each player through each team’s schedule where they can click into each age-verified player profile and view athletes, academic standing, season stats, and team info.


Event providers can pre-sell their tickets online to the parents of athletes who will be attending an upcoming event, or at the gate with custom QR code ticket purchasing to remove the risk of cash boxes at the gate and increase ticket stales. With designed fraud prevention built into every ticket sold you will know every person at your event has purchased their tickets.

Sports Thread provides an excellent instant and accurate age verification service,”said Joshua Borne, Managing Director of Pylon, the Orlando, Florida-based pioneering organizer of 7on7 football tournaments nationwide and an early adopter of the Sports Thread Play Safe system. “Pylon has had its best year ever since moving its software support to Sports Thread.”

Joshua Borne- Managing Director of Pylon

Product Features

Athletic Digital Identity (Profile Page)

Athletes can now enter all the information coaches need to evaluate them,
including: Season/Career Stats, Measurable Stats, Basic Info, Academics, and Film/video clips.


The Thread

A tailored feed of sports-specific content from athletes coaches and fans



Sports Thread Stories: The best content from Sports Thread users and the entire sports world.


College coaches athletes and fans can identify athletes with enhanced filters:

– Basic Info: Refine searches by Sport, Grad Year, Age, Gender, City, State

– Position: Identify athletes by position

– Measurable Stats: Identify athletes by speed, power, agility and strength stats

– Season/Career Stats: Find players that meet sport-specific stats


Digital Coaches Book

Partner companies of Sports Thread not only benefit from its communications platform but will also provide the most advanced digital indexing and evaluation tool for the athletes at their events on the market today. Athletes at tournaments “Powered by Sports Thread” all receive an Athletic Digital Identity (profile page). All participants at an event “Powered by Sports Thread” will be searchable and attributed to that event so that any college coach in attendance will be able to easily find that athlete and use their Athletic Digital Identity for further evaluation in addition to evaluating them in person. College coaches will be able to initiate Sports Thread Chat with any athlete of interest, beginning the recruiting process via direct message.

Tournament support is also included, which allows tournament and event directors to manage administrative tasks such as updating scores, get a more convenient overview of tournament play using brackets and streamlined communication, such as push notifications, to all participants and fans.

Coaches Communication System (CCS)

Email writing engine for high school athletes enables them to select a template for any event in the recruiting process and send it to multiple coaches at once.

Sports Thread Resource Center

Twitter feeds streaming from college sports teams

Data set complete with:

– Coaches information

– University Details

– Campus Security

– Admissions Statistics

– Financial aid packages

– Tuition and fees

– Majors available

– YouVisit virtual tours

– College campuses

– Athletic facilities

Sports Thread Software as a Service (SaaS) for Youth Sports Companies

Sports Thread has over 90 leading youth sports organizations including New Balance Future Stars Series Big Time Sports, Supreme Courts, and the Adidas National Soccer Showcase who use its Software-as-a-Service platform to run their events and extend the value of the Sports Thread network to their participants. Companies using Sports Thread’s Software-as-a-Service platform use it for:

Registration: Register teams and players for events and collect payments.

Scheduling: Review tournament schedules and scores, real-time game scores and standings.

Game Details: Access to full team rosters, notes on players, and scores. Select “attending” to get push notifications about that game.

Push Notifications: Receive urgent updates from event organizers for field changes, weather delays, scores, schedule updates, and more.

Sports Thread Software-as-a-Service Products

Sports Thread Communications

Tournament, club and league entities can harness the power of Sports Thread’s communications platform by tapping into its push and SMS notification systems to instantly update participating athletes, coaches, parents and fans. Sports Thread’s partners leverage a state-of-the-art communications framework to simultaneously update all their event participants as well as segment messaging to teams, age groups, and user types.


Sports Thread Chat allows any user on Sports Thread to communicate privately:

– College coaches can contact high school athletes

– High school athletes can contact each other

– High school athletes and fans can contact college athletes

– Coaches can use group chat for team communication


Sports Thread Software-as-a-Service partners register teams and players for events and collect payments.


The Sports Thread Scheduler gives partners the ability to schedule their full tournaments on the Sports Thread website and app. The schedule provides users with a fully customizable scheduler that can be shared with all the participants of the tournament and is accessible on the website and the app.